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Pre-Construction: Subcontractor & Vendor Selections

To have a successful project requires a dedicated team that works together to achieve a common goal. This is why at Parker General Contractors we have spent years cultivating our additional team members, our vendors and subcontractors.

Our diverse heritage has allowed us to complete a wide range of projects with varying construction types, processes and goals that have helped to facilitate our working relationships with a diversified group of vendors and subcontractors. These additional team members, with there respective skills and abilities have allowed Parker General Contractors to approach any project with confidence that we are able to complete any project, while achieving all of the project goals.

Our success with our vendors and subcontractors is largely due to our support and dedication to our working relationship. We offer flexible pay schedules to meet our vendors and subcontractors needs. Our scopes of work for our subcontractors can include supplying materials and labor or just supplying labor, depending on their resources. We also assist all of our vendors and subcontractors with completion of any required paperwork ranging from pay app, Davis Bacon payrolls, achieving Section 3 goals, etc.

While we do have an extensive list of vendors and subcontractors that have worked on our team before, we are always researching and seeking out new vendors and subcontractors to join our team. With today's fast paced construction environment we always involve previous vendors and subcontractors to complete pricing on the front end but also conduct extensive research and outreach in the project's respective community.

Special preference is always given to local subcontractors and vendors, Section 3 qualified subcontractors and any subcontractor or vendor who is a certified MBE/WBE.

We are always looking to expand our team members and we welcome any vendor or subcontractor interested in joining our team to contact us.