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Pre-Construction: Site Evaluation

Site selection is the key to a successful project we always are eager to assist in site evaluation early on in the outset of a project.

At Parker General Contractors Site Evaluation begins with a thorough review of the location of the proposed site as well as the surrounding community. As our site evaluation team reviews the site we check with the respective authorities to ensure all necessary and desired amenities are all available at the site. In the event these items are not available at the site we will assist in locating and budgeting for these items.

After the surface items have been checked Parker General Contractors will then assist with subsurface exploration. By preparing a preliminary site plan will then enable us to perform subsurface soil exploration in strategic locations on the site. This exploration will be used to verify that the existing soils can support the proposed construction type. Many times our subsurface explorations have resulted in findings that have helped to confirm or rule out a site entirely. Our Site Evaluation is always focused on selecting a site that will be cost effective to the owner investment.