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Construction: Construction Cost Control

Cost control is a key component of any successful project beginning in the preconstruction phase and must be managed and monitored throughout the entire project.

At PGC we spend a large part of the preconstruction phase preparing a very detailed but realistic budget. Our team members are involved from the preconstruction phase all the way through buyout and construction so vital information is not lost.

These carefully prepared budgets are used during construction to track both actual cost and committed cost of each line item on our detailed weekly and monthly accounting reports. With the implementation of our advanced construction software, this has allowed us to track purchase orders and subcontract work orders as a committed cost before any work has taken place on the job site. With these abilities we are able to track cost and monitor the budget prior to any of the work being performed. These insights allow us to monitor our budgets and see any problem areas well in advanced to allow our team to make any adjustments that may be needed before any work takes place.